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Connects system

ConnectLine allows users to participate freely in everyday activities like watching television, talking on the telephone and listening to music.

An integrated system that improves your client’s life
Watching TV and talking on the phone are just two things made easier by Oticon ConnectLine.

Daily activities like talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music can prove challenging for many people who wear hearing instruments but Oticon ConnectLine is the key to changing that.

With ConnectLine solutions, users can finally talk on the phone, watch TV and listen to music just as easily as everyone else.




Hearing Aid Products: OTICON

Oticon - Founded in 1904 by Hans Damant. He was driven by a profound wish to help his hard of hearing wife and others with similar problems live a better life. This commitment is today the background of the Oticon vision:

Agil Oticon Agil and the energy of understanding
Now you can take an active part in any conversation.

Oticon Agil allows you to make intuitive sense of your surroundings – even in situations where many sounds compete for your attention. And Oticon Agil lets you do all this while demanding less of you.

  Epoq (*ConnectLine option)

Epoq - Some things change the world forever

Epoq isn’t just about hearing, it’s about freedom and empowerment.

With its revolutionary wireless technology Epoq signals the start of a bright new era full of possibilities. An era where you can rediscover the world and all its sounds. Not only the sounds you hear when communicating with others, but also those brought to you through external devices such as mobile phones and MP3 music players.

Epoq - your new interface to the world of sound!

  Duel (*ConnectLine option)

When you’re active and outgoing, you need a flexible hearing aid that offers the best sound quality in a wide variety of listening situations.

Conventional hearing aids force you to choose: Great looks or great performance. But why make that choice at all? With its high-tech elegance and the benefits of natural sound quality, Oticon Dual is designed to please inside and out

Duel range

  Vigo (*ConnectLine option)
Vigo Vigo Connect is designed for the maximum enjoyment of modern life, giving you a rich and natural hearing experience in any situation.

Whether conversing in noisy spaces, outdoors, on the phone, or listening to the radio or enjoying TV, you are connected to your world and to all its sounds.

When you have a hearing loss, everyday life is full of challenges. Your TV or radio might be difficult to hear, and you might not hear your door bell ringing or someone talking to you from another room.

With Oticon Hit, everyday situations become more manageable. You’ll no longer have to turn the TV up to a level that annoys your companions. And talking on the phone will be enjoyable again.

Hit range


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